Embed RotoShoots in your website!

With RotoShoot, you just shoot, upload, copy and paste some short embeddable code (as easily as embedding YouTube’s video player) into your website and you’re ready to get back to the more important stuff like serving your customers.

3 easy steps!

  1. Go to the RotoShoot online viewer, expand the "Share" bar and click on the button.
  2. Go to the box under "Embed the viewer directly into a web page using an iframe." Copy the text (containing an iframe tag) to your clipboard.
  3. Paste the iframe code into your website. That's it! Your done! You may want to adjust the size of the viewer by editing the "width" and "height" attributes to allow it to better fit your page.

Why RotoShoot?

  • Engages customers
  • Reduces product returns
  • Increases customer confidence
  • Gives better understanding of product
  • Enriches customer experience
  • Improves conversion rates
  • Competitive advantage